Private one day trekking activity to Arcadia area.


Just 1.5 h from Athens we start our path from the beautiful village Piana which is built on the mountain side of Mainalos mount. Through the forest we reach Arkoudorema,a derelict village since 1928. Deep into the ravine we see the ruins of abandoned houses and the old preversable Church of Arkoudorema as well the reconstructed stone fountain. It creates a special impression of the green color that covers the stones and the landscape due to moss. We are in a unique location taken out of fairytales. Finish to Limpovisi village where Theodoros Kolokotronis(National Hero of Greek Revolution) grew up and lived.

Total Distance 7km with 300 mixed altitudes.
: The Pervesable Church ,the stone fountain, the unique landscape full of green.
Our tour finished and what is better than a visit to the local tradition Tavernas. As natives of the area we have the knowledge for the ideal food

Please inform us if you have any food allergies or if you belong to any dietary team (Vegan,Vegetarian,Pesceterian) in order to modify our meal selection.

Tour Description

Arcadia, Peloponnese, Piana-Arkoudorema-Limpovisi
11-12 hours for the whole day program including transfer from your hotel and back
1-4 pax with private saloon car with Chauffeur
5-20 pax with luxury mini bus with Private Chauffeur
Transportation cost is included in the final price
In the nearby tavernas full meal consisting of salad, appetizer and main course.
Each participant will get basic insurance cover included in the final price
Full trekking equipment will be given to each participant for use in the activity included in the price.
Warranty and Obligation
No warranty required for the gear in case of damage as aperis offers the professional equipment in each participant for the perfect experience of the activity.
Each participant has the obligation to make a short clean to his pair of shoes on the surface after the end of the activity.
The proffesional equipment will be delivered to each participant clean and sterile from the laudry service.Trekking shoes will be delivered clean and sterile from the laudry service, additionaly antimicrobial spay and poweder will had applied in every pair.
Moderate. Suitable for all ages. Required basic physical condition and some hiking experience.
Period of Operation
All year round

Price: 185euro p/p
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