Individualized, Tailor-Made Services

In aperis, we have studied diligently our customer’s needs and according them we make the plan of their ideal journey.

Our philosophy for a special tailor-made vacations does not allow to have pre-arranged programs or automated input systems.
After a brief conversation, we organize your entire journey – from the moment of arrival to the departure. We arrange the transport, accommodation, food, night-out, tours and sightseeing as well as everything else that results from your needs and preferences.

Of course after your arrival ,we remain next to you for any further information, change or emergency during your stay in Greece.

Here are some ideas:

Private Rib Cruises in Corinthian Gulf
(available for a family of five)

Price 550€ (5 hours of discovering the hidden treasures of Corinthian Gulf, safety equipment,water and a mini meal included)

Fine Mediterranean dining…

Find out the best selected restaurants in Peloponnese and enjoy real authentic tastes. We cover Pescetarians, Vegans, Vegetarians and all dietary teams.

Inform us for any food allergies.

Discover low tourism places around Peloponnese

Explore the unexplored places of Peloponnese ideal for perfect relaxation.

Experiment laboratories for children…

 In a totally safe environment we introduce you a service devoted to the little friends..Experiments carried out by professionals and are available in Corinthos area

Price 240€ (VAT 24% included. Price for 7 kids. Suitable ages 4-12years old. length 2.5-3 hours)

Whether if you are a couple..a family.. a group of friends..Our team is at your disposal to satisfy you the most for your ideal vacations in Peloponnese

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Safety commitment. All the employees and co-operators deal with the Covid-19 regulations and National rules as primary objective the safety of our quests.