Private Wine Pairing in the land of Gods

Nemea, the heart of wine making of Greece. The land where the myth of Hercules was raised.The mythical battle with the lion and the biggest wine-growing zone of Greece.
In this historical land, two friends decided to explore the unforgettable quality of Greek wines. Two friends share their passion for good wine and ideal food.
Panagiotis Vasilopoulos (founder of aperis) and Grand Sommelier Alexandros Ntermpeteris (WSPC level 1 and level 2) create the perfect combination of the ancient varieties of Nemea grapes in accordance with the suitable delicacies.
Starting from Athens for an unforgettable experience in an enchanting land brimming with vineyards and making a brief stop at the Corinth Canal, we are led to our destination to commence our experience.

Steps of Wine pairing

Step 1​
We are kindly welcomed by the owner of the Winery and we are starting our tour through the winery. We visit all the places of the winery and we get further information about the stages of wine making as well as details for each variety of grapes.Our Sommelier is ready to start the pairing. His knowledge is at our disposal in order to provide all the characteristics of each variety.

Step 2
Starting with the ancient variety of grapes, the white one “Kydonitsa” together with fresh hand-made Sea Bass carpaccio.
Washing with Greek Natural Sparkling water

Step 3
We continue our pairing with the rose variety pair with marinated shrimps or sashimi salmon.
Washing with Greek Natural Sparkling water

Step 4
Time for the signature red variety of Nemea(PDO) “Agiorgitiko”.A captivating variety that gives a very deep red wine full of flavors.We combine this special variety with Traditional roasted little pig.
Washing with Greek Natural Sparkling water

Step 5
We finish our experience as should with a dessert red wine made from the same red variety.We end up this deep procedure with another great combination. Red dessert wine with Greek feta cheese.The sweetness of the wine and the greasiness of the cheese offer us a great explosion of tastes to our uraniscus.
Washing with Greek Natural Sparkling water

Step 6
Sugar or no sugar…a Greek coffee is the best way of finishing our experience .

Our experience finished and now is the time for a walk around the outstanding landscape having time to enrich our photo album.
 We say goodbye to the winery’s staff and we continue our tour on the Archaeological site of Nemea and especially the imposing Temple of Zeus that dominates the valley of Nemea

Tailor-Made Package

If you have  any food allergy or if you are in another dietary team, Vegan, Vegeterian or Pesceterian, Let us know, we can modify menu of wine pairing at your needs and always in line with the choosen varieties.

Tour Info

Nemea,Peloponnese, Estate Costantin Gofas
Four course Greak meal at the winery
Pick up from Athens and return.
2-4 pax with a private sallon car with Private Shauffeur
5-20 pax with luxury mini bus with Private Shauffeur
Each pax will get basic isurance cover for the whole duration of the tour.
Archaealogical and cultural sites
Ancient Nemea, Corinth Canal
Entrance to archaealogical sites
Not included in the price (appx cost 10€ p/p)
Photo album
Photos taken will sent via email to each participant, included in the price
Cost of Sommelier
Included in the price
Period of Operation
All year round

Price: 165euro p/p VAT included
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Contact us:00306993012863