The Paths Of Arcadia & The Pyramid Effect

Trekking activities in Arcadia and Laconia area

7days/6nights program (available all months of the year. December excluded)

A 5 days full trekking activity inside the forests and rivers of (Arcadia area) and ascend to the top of Taygetos mountain (Laconia area) to see one of a kind Pyramid effect (as long as not prohibited by the weather conditions).
We are going to spend our 3 days exploring the Arcadia forests, green and rivers. The other 2 days of the program will be covered between 2 choices: a) According to weather forecast we can go to ascend the top of Taygetos Mountain to admire the special phenomenon of Pyramid effect (on the top of Taygetos mountain at sunset time an isosceles triangle appears on the Messinian Gulf) or b) continue exploring two additional unique paths in Arcadia area.

Day 1. Picking up from the El.Venizelos airport and setting up to the hotel –Free day & relaxation.
Day 2. Dimitsana – Ancient Gortyna. We are starting from the Hydro Powered Museum of Dimitsana and we are going in a parallel route to Lousios river. After 10 km trail and 650 positive altitudes we reach the finish to the Kokkori Stone Bridge.

Highlights: Old Monastery of the Philosopher, Prodromou Monastery with the water friction method of cleaning clothes, The Hydro powered museum of Dimitsana, the small Church of Saint Andreas, the Ancient area of Gortyna.


Day 3. Lakes Castria Cave-Planitero. Starting with a visit to the outstanding Caves Lake ( and after 6km of easy trekking without altitudes we reach the Aroanio Springs and the “Marvel of Nature” small village Planitero. We set up in the local tavern and we taste grilled Brook Trout fished from the nearby river.
Highlights: The Caves Lake, Planitero Village, Fresh Brook Trout

Day 4. Elati-Vytina. We start from Elati village and the wonderful Fir tree forest and we are moving to the bed of river Mylaiontas in a landscape coming out from fairy-tales. We see how the landscape changes from Fir tree forest to Plane tree forest as we reach the glamorous village of Vytina.Total distance 8.5km with 200 positive altitudes.

Highlights: The beautiful villages, the change of the landascape

Day 5. Piana-Arkoudorema-Limpovisi. The most breathtaking path of Arcadia.We start from the beautiful village of Piana which is built to the mountain side of Mainalos mount.Through the forest we reach Arkoudorema that is a derelict village. Deep into the ravine we see the ruins of some old houses and the old preversable Church of Arkoudorema as well the reconstructed stone fountain. It creates a special impression the green color which covers the stone and the landscape due to moss. Finish to Limpovisi village where Theodoros Kolokotronis (Greek National Hero) grew up and lived. Total distance 7km with 300 mixed altitudes.

Highlights: The preversable Church,The stone fountain, The landscape full of green

Day 6. Refuge of Tripolis-Ostrakina top. Ascend of Ostrakina’s summit up to 1981 meters high.It is considered one of the most central points in Peloponnese and with clear weather conditions you can see up to the Ionian island Zakynthos. Descend back to refuge where is a time have a dinner together (by a local chef) and a chance to discuss about our experience.The refuge provides kitchen,big sitting place and dining room, central heating and hot water, old style WC,a big fireplace and also has an 3*8 bed,a 6 bed and a 4 bed rooms. Total distance 4km with 381 positive altitudes.

Mr Agianoglou Kyriakos (Certified and licensed mountain guide, 15 years experience)
Mr Giannoukos Aris (Certified and licensed mountain guide, 15 years experience)

All the routes have a moderate difficulty and are suitable for all ages. Previous trekking experience and good physical condition are required.
The chief mountain guide has the right to change any day of the program.

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6nights accommodation in double occupancy
Breakfast, lunch(or mini meal) and dinner for each day(except breakfast, lunch of Day 1)
Transport from the airport and back
Local transports
Cost of the certified guides
Basic insurance cover

Not included:
Entrance fee to Hydro powered Museum and Caves Lake( 18€ total)
Further expenses

Price p/p: 1050€ (VAT 24% incl.price valid till end of 22)

Safety commitment. All the employees and co-operators deal with the Covid-19 regulations and National rules as primary objective the safety of our quests.